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Strictly Sweepstake 2020 which celebrity did you draw?

Strictly Sweepstake 2020 which celebrity did you draw?

It’s that time of year again – our annual strictly sweepstake.  Your celebrity was drawn at random in our live draw on facebook on Sunday evening 25th October.  It was £5 to enter and all money from the sweepstake will be shared out amongst the winners.  There are three draws taking place:

1  The first celebrity to be knocked out

2  The first celebrity to get the “perfect 10”

3  The celebrity to become the 2020 champion!

There are nearly 80 of us taking part in this years sweepstake so that’s fabulous!  You should all have received a text on Sunday 25th October letting you know which group you are in.  So here is the result, each celebrity in the image here has a group number in the corner which relates to your groups.  Which celebrity have you drawn?  Who will pick up that glitter ball this year at our class?


Group 1          Jackie and Anton                        Group 7       Jamie and Karen

Group 2           Bill and Oti                                  Group 8       Nicola and Katya

Group 3           JJ and Amy                                 Group 9       Ranvir and Giovanni

Group 4           Jason and Luba                           Group 10     Clara and Alijaz

Group 5           Max and Dianne                           Group 11     Caroline and Johannas

Group 6           Hrvy and Janetten                        Group 12      Maisie and Gorka


Good luck everyone x