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It’s Strictly Time!  Stictly Fun Sweepstake 2023

It’s Strictly Time! Stictly Fun Sweepstake 2023

Once again we are having our fun Strictly Sweepstake to run along the popular TV series. It’s £5 to enter, you can pay by cash or card at any Fitness Vibe classes and you have until Thursday 21st September to enter. We opened the sweepstake on Friday 15th September and have already had 50 of us taking part on the first day which is great!

Your celebrity will be chosen at random and as usual there are 3 draws taking place – 1st celebrity to be knocked out, 1st celebrity to score a perfect 10 and finally the celebrity to become the 2023 champion.

You will be placed in a group from 1 – 15 and receive a text letting you know which group you are in. I will do a live video letting you know which celebrity each group has drawn on Friday 22nd September. I will also post the information on social media and here on the website.

Good luck everyone!