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Hello everyone, how are you all doing after our first week of isolation?

Hello everyone, how are you all doing after our first week of isolation?

Hello ladies.  This is not a usual business website post/blog.  I just wanted to make sure I am reaching out to everyone just in case I do not have your mobile or email address.

I hope you are all well, staying in and keeping safe as per the government guidelines.  I just wanted to say I miss teaching our live classes so much and I am lost for words about what is going on around us.

I am currently in the process of identifying those Fitness Vibe class members who are in the over 70 age range, live alone with no outside space.   My priority would certainly be with this group to deliver some sort of online uplifting exercise activity with the platforms available.  I am very aware that many in this age group do not use social media and do not all have laptops etc.  Once I have tried to sort something out to keep social interaction with this group, I would then hope to do something temporary for other groups.  This is proving difficult with all the licencing laws in place and the equipment I currently own.

In the meantime please try and keep active.  If you find yourself sedentary, maybe move around every hour, walk up and down the stairs where possible, follow some of the you tube classes/TV classes available.  When doing so please remember to have suitable footwear on, have a hazard free space to exercise, have some water available and make sure you feel fit to exercise.  I hope your spirits stay lifted as much as possible in this challenging dreadful time.

Thinking of you all, I will be in touch

Katrina x