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All classes running throughout the hot weather.  Remember to stay hydrated.

All classes running throughout the hot weather. Remember to stay hydrated.

I intend to run all our classes as usual throughout the hot weather this week and will of course adjust the playlist to suit the weather each day and make the sessions less intense if needed. Low intensity options will be given throughout the classes. I totally understand that we all deal with the heat differently and some of us really struggle with it.

One of the most important tips is to make sure you are fully hydrated before even coming to class and we will also factor in lots of breaks and drink breaks throughout the session. Drinking lots of water helps the body to sweat and cool down. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink fluids, I will keep reminding you to pop to the side and take a drink after most tracks. So please make sure you bring plenty of water with you and I will also have spare water around the room. Another good tip is to bring a cool towel and make sure you wear loose, breathable, lightweight clothing.

I have purchased 6 large fans to help keep the rooms as cool as possible. I will always ventilate, although if it is hotter outside than indoors the windows and curtains will stay closed to shade from the sun. We seem to be managing fine this week and on the really hot days you may even get an ice lolly at the end of class to help cool you down! As a one off there will also be chairs around the room if you feel you would like to do seated exercise.

Regarding our Outdoor Vibe sessions, if the weather is hot please make sure you apply sun cream and wear a hat if needed.

All classes seem to have gone fine this week throughout this hot weather period so all is good. Lets all enjoy the sunshine safely. Katrina x