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Blog Monthly Archives: September 2021

National Fitness Day 26th September 2021

National Fitness Day 26th September 2021

I am happy to announce that this week we lift restrictions a little more and now have a pay as you go system at all of our Fitness Vibe classes which is great news.  So it’s National Fitness Day on Wednesday 26th September.  How will you celebrate this day?

We have Zumba Gold on Wednesday 26th September at 10.30am, Civic Hall.  Then we have Outdoor Dance Fitness, Zumba and Strictly Fitsteps for the remainder of the week.  It would be lovely to see some old faces returning to class.

It’s important to never take for granted being able to move and dance freely.  Sometimes we may not be motivated to take part in an exercise class but generally you always feel so much better after attending an exercise class.   So with this in mind take time out and join me in the process of a fitter, healthier, happier you!

Lets celebrate National Fitness Day 2021!

Katrina x

Strictly Sweepstake 2021!

Strictly Sweepstake 2021!

It’s that time of year again.  Have you signed up to our Strictly Sweepstake draw?  This fun sweepstake is now open to all Fitness Vibe members.  It’s just £4 to enter.  Don’t miss our, simply sign up at reception at any Fitness Vibe class with your £4 or contact Katrina on 07910 797527 email katrina@fintess-vibe.co.uk.  Once you have paid your £4, You will be entered into the draw and you will be placed in one of 15 groups.  Each group will be allocated one of the 15 celebrities.  Your celebrity is chosen at random in a live draw and you will be notified accordingly.

Three draws taking place:

1  1st celebrity to be knocked out

2  1st celebrity to get the “perfect 10”

3  Celebrity to become the 2021 champion.


Sign up at any Fitness Vibe class with your £4 today in this fun sweepstake!  The sweepstake entries will be closed on after the Thursday 30 evening Zumba class.